So I know there are a lot of fics where Derek is Stiles’ TA at college, but I just really really want a fic where Derek never went to college when he was younger because he was in a bad place due to family tragedy but, years on, he decides he is finally going to go, and enrolls as a mature student.

He finds a lot of his fellow students really annoying, because half of them just seem to be there to get drunk and party — whereas Derek actually wants to study and learn — and they’re all so young. God, even his TA is younger than him.

Stiles is his TA and his project supervisor.

Stiles, who frequently has to ask himself if it’s still wrong to be hot for one of your students if that student is actually older than you. Stiles. who finds Derek’s work ethic kind of adorable because half his students don’t give a shit about what he has to say but Derek listens carefully and takes notes, and does the reading, and even questions Stiles’ information sometimes, and yeah, that can be kind of annoying, but Stiles enjoys nothing more than a good debate.


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